Broadly defined, a wetland is an area where the water table is close to the soil surface, resulting in a place that is saturated most, if not all, of the year. Wetlands provide a huge number of benefits to farms despite not being productive crops land. They harbour beneficial insects and pollinators, they can absorb nutrients from run-off, they provide habitat for ducks and geese and they can act as a useful source of irrigation water depending on size.

Freshwater wetlands are the most biodiverse ecosystems found in North America. Even isolated wetlands can boost the biodiversity of entire regions by providing important habitat for plants and animals. Wetlands bring beauty and life to the landscape by attracting birds and can provide good recreational opportunities through fishing, bird watching and skating in the winter.

Wetland Creation and Restoration

Ducks Unlimited Atlantic Programs provide resources to farmers about the maintenance, monitoring and improvements of existing wetlands.

If you are interested in creating a wetland on your farm, Ducks Unlimited Canada will assist farmers, free-of-charge, to improve/create wetlands on their private land. To find out more, visit the Ducks Unlimited Website, Ducks Unlimited.